Service Excellence Initiative

River View Health & Rehab Center is managed by CCR (Commonwealth Care of Roanoke). CCR has always been committed to excellence in service. Now we have a way to show it.

CCR partners with CLS (Custom Learning Systems) on a special Service Excellence Initiative. Our Service Excellence Initiative is a formal program that trains and fosters leadership in our frontline employees – the ones with direct contact with our residents and patients.

Why do we devote the time and energy to managing and constantly improving our Service Excellence Initiative?

  • To keep up with advances and developments in the rapidly-evolving healthcare field
  • More than that, to exhibit real leadership in rehab and elder care
  • Because nothing is more important than the well-being and happiness of our patients and residents!

CCR’s commitment to service excellence extends across all of our centers and includes our home office staff, bringing us together under to grow and lead in our fields.

Excellence in service differentiates our centers – “average” care is not good enough; therefore, we must always strive to be the leader in customer care and service. Through extensive experience, we have learned that good policies and processes, while effective, are not everything. A compassionate, caring and responsive staff that meets and exceeds expectations is what matters.

CCR’s service excellence initiative is just one more way of putting our core beliefs of commitment, care, and responsiveness into action.

Who are our Service Excellence Advisors  (SEAs)?

Center Program Coordinators (CPC’s)

The CPC’s coordinate the Service Excellence Workshops, and events at our center and serve as liaisons to our managing home office.

2016-2017 CPC’s

Rasshawn Cooke
Lindsey Smith
Jackie Pate